Social Responsibility and Citizenship  



ITE strives to make Hong Kong a better place for all. We believe in being socially responsible and contributing to the wider community, we support for worthy initiatives and charity campaigns. We encourage our staffs to participate in meaningful social events for satisfied feeling of having contributed more than just their hard work, time and effort to the Company and Hong Kong community work. We are eager to provide experience placements to Hong Kong youth in order to make effort in their whole person development.


We have been joining the charity and social care activities in the following organizations:

since 2002 Caring Company Scheme
since 2002 Oxfam Hong Kong - Trailwalker
since 2003 Hong Kong Red Cross
since 2003 United in Spirit & Action - For the event of SARS
since 2004 The Hong Kong Society for the Blind
since 2005 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
since 2005 Medecins Sans Frontiers HK Ltd.
since 2006 Suicide Prevention Services
since 2006 Orbis Hong Kong

Environment and Sustainability

We have been participating and contributing to the carbon footprint disclosure under Carbon Footprint Repository for Listed Companies in Hong Kong

since 2014   Environmental Protection Department

Career Exposure

We provide chances for Hong Kong youth from the following organizations to gain work experiences in ITE:

since 2006 The Industrial Placement Programme of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
since 2006

The Work Study Programme by The Chinese University of Hong Kong

since 2003 The Business Internship Practice Scheme by The City University of Hong Kong
RF Tech Limited is the Principal Member of The City University of Hong Kong
ITE Smartcard Solutions Limited is the Ordinary Member of The City University of Hong Kong
since 2000 The Youth Pre-employment Training Programme by the Labour Department
since 2004 The Interactive Selective Placement Services by the Labour Department