About ITE  

Established in early 1997, ITE (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code :8092) (hereinafter known as the "Group" and/ or "ITE") has been one of the listed companies on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 21 February 2001.

ITE is the fastest growing smartcard and radio frequency identification ("RFID") service provider and system integrator in Hong Kong. Stemming from the original 6 person team, ITE successfully tendered for and won several high importance smartcard projects in 1999. Since then, as the Group expanded and developed, it has become a pioneering leader in this industry in the Hong Kong SAR and surrounding regions and now has over 180 employees with bases of operation in Hong Kong and Macau. Throughout these years of service, we have been providing sophisticated smartcard and RFID solutions to an impressive list of clients within Hong Kong's major public and private sectors.

Our mission is to enhance daily life automation through the implementation of smartcard and RFID technologies with a view to becoming the leading smartcard and RFID solution provider and system integrator in the Asia Pacific region. Through providing wide range of innovative applications for life and control automation and implementing our solutions, ITE can improve the standards of everyday life. It establishes the key competitive commercial advantages necessary to position ITE as the singular market leader in this fast-growing value-added industry.

We have established a leading profile in the Hong Kong smartcard industry and have accrued a strong proven track record and excellent reputation for the provision of superior services and solutions. By utilising the knowledge and experience we have gained and including our specific industry expertise and our precise and in-depth research and development capabilities, the Group is highly proficient in the provision of a range of innovative, tailor made and customised application solutions which have proven invaluable to our clients. We develop solutions for clients from many industries in many locations and are continuing to progress the expansion of our business to include the People's Republic of China ("the PRC") and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.